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YouTube Thumbnail Downloader Script Free Download | Tool Website

YouTube Thumbnail Downloader Script :- Friends, today in this article, I will share with you the script of a YouTube thumbnail downloader tool website, which you can download for free.

And you can create your own tool website. So before downloading the script of the tool website,

please read this article as I have mentioned some important things in it which will be very useful for you.

YouTube Thumbnail Downloader Script Free Download

Friends, as you all know that YouTube Thumbnail Downloader is a tool website using which you can download thumbnails of any YouTube video.

Today I am giving you the script of YouTube thumbnail downloader, but keep in mind that this script is only for WordPress users.

Friends, you can also create your own YouTube thumbnail downloader tool website.

This tool website is very easy to use and also user friendly.

Youtube thumbnail downloader script

You can also do a lot of earning by putting Google AdSense or Google AdSense Alternatives ads on that website.

If you want to see the demo, then I have given the link of the preview below, you can see the demo.

The script that I am giving to all of you is a completely created script,

but you will have to make some changes in it. You can read what changes you have to make.

You must first have a domain and hosting before uploading the script to your website,

as this script is not for bloggers‘ users, but within a few days I will also provide this script for bloggers as well.

Youtube thumbnail downloader script

For the script that I am providing to you today, you need domain and hosting for that script, without domain and hosting, you cannot use this script.

Click Here To Download Script

This tool website script is absolutely free. You can download it from here and use it anytime and anywhere.

But remember one thing, you cannot sell this script.

Because this script is not made to sell, rather this script is made for people who want to build their own tool website, but they do not have enough budget to buy it,

If we had to sell this script, we could also sell this script.

But we did not do this and we provided this script to all of you for free.

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If you want to buy cheap price domain and hosting so let’s check Techbuddies domain and hosting deals and promos from here.

Changes that you need to do in the script

After download this script you need to do some changes in this scripts. That changes is like this :-

  • Title
  • Description
  • Keywords
  • Google analytics Code
  • About :- If you want to change about according to your own.
  • Footer Social media Links

I Already mentioned in the script where you need to make some changes, you have to open the script once in Notepad ++ and then check it. This will tell you what to change.

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How to upload tool Script in WordPress

Uploading YouTube Thumbnail Downloader Script in WordPress is very easy, you just have to follow the steps given below :-

  • First you have to buy a domain and hosting.
  • Then connect the domain to the hosting.
  • Go to your hosting Cpanel.
  • Then you have to go to the file manager.
  • And go to the public_html folder and upload this script to public_html.
  • Then your tool website is successfully created.

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