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Which Web Hosting Company Offer Unlimited SubDomains Full Detail

Friends, in this article today we will talk about the Subdomain, what actually is Subdomain and why we need to create Subdomain. And how many subdomains we can create in a website, and which Web Hosting Company Offer Unlimited SubDomains..

Friends, if you are also a blogger or have a website, then you must have heard about the Subdomain. And you will also have knowledge about subdomains, but if you do not know about Subdomain, then don’t worry.

Today I will clear all your doubts and will give you the full details about the Subdomains, so read the complete article.

What is SubDomain ?

A subdomain is a part of your domain name that is connected to your domain,

In other words Sub-domain means a separate domain that is connect to your main website domain name, this is also called second level domain. For example : –

The domain name is ( of your main website, we call it “Top level domain”.

Now in this main website domain you can create many subdomains like – (, (

So in this way your subdomain is connected to your main domain name, just you got another new domain as well, without having to purchase any separate domain.

Why We Need to Create SubDomains ?

Mostly every website owners use subdomains to expand their website or expand their services because subdomain is also connected to main domain.

And if you want, you can make another website on Subdomain,

Now you have 2 websites in one domain, one in main domain and one in subdomain.

For example :- Google has also created many websites from Subdomain.

As you all know Google’s main domain is (, it is a mail top level domain. If there was something else instead of www, it would be a sub domain. Such as : –


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Which Web Hosting company offer unlimited SubDomains

Friends, although all the hosting companies provide you the subdomains, but some Hosting company provides you subdomains according to your hosting plans.

For example, if you have a starter or basic package, you can create only 5-6 subdomains on your website.

But if you use Hostkarle web hosting, then Hostkarle will provide you unlimited subdomains with your starter or basic package which is only 146 rupees.

If you want to use Hostkarle web hosting, then I will give you the link of Hostkarle below. You can buy and check Hostkarle hosting plans from there.

The subdomain website you will create is completely separate, you can also create your own separate website in that sub domain, you can create a new site by installing wordpress in it.

How to Create Subdomain ? (Step By Step)

First of all you need to login your Hosting cpanel.

After login in cPanel, you have to go to the domain section, where you will see the option of all domains, out of which select subdomains.

After selecting subdomain, a small form will appear in front of you, in which you have to add sub domain name.

And last click Create Button and now your Subdomain is Ready.

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