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White Hat SEO | What is White Hat SEO | White Hat SEO Techniques in Search Engine Optimization

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White Hat SEO is a good SEO technique, with the help of which we can get our blog to be ranked on Google in an organic way.

White Hat SEO is opposite to Black Hat SEO where Black Hat SEO is called bad SEO, while White Hat SEO is called Organic SEO.

This is a technique to rank your blog organically in the google search engine.

Friend’s In the white hat SEO you have to follow all the guidelines of Google.

By using white hat SEO, your blog or post takes some time to get ranked on Google, because white hat SEO is a slow process,

Your growth in White Hat SEO lasts for a long time, that is, you stay in your good ranking in Google for a long time,

I will suggest all of you to use White Hat SEO to rank your blog because This will give you very good results in future,

If you have written a post today and you think that you will be ranked in google today, it is not possible,

In white hat, your blog will take some time to get ranked in Google on a particular keyword.

But your growth will remain for a long time. When we use white hat SEO, then we have to maintain our patience.

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List Of White Hat SEO Techniques

white hat seo techniques

Good Quality Content :-

As you all know, a well written article makes your website more reliable and valuable for search engines and visitors.

You always have to write high quality content and keep in mind as well, content is also unique,

only then your site will be able to rank on Google.

Whenever you write about a content, try to write it in deep so that your visitors and search engines also like your content.

A good content optimizes your website for search engines, which helps you to get a high ranking on the search engine listing.

Because as you know search engines provide users with the most suitable website for their search.

Keyword Density :-

Keyword density plays a very important role in ranking organically on Google,

Basically Keyword density means how often you are using your main keyword in your post.

You need to keep in mind that you do not have to do keyword stuffing, use keywords as often as necessary,

If you use the Yoast plugin, then you will know that the keyword density should not be more than 2%.

If you do keyword stuffing, then the users’ experience will also deteriorate with your website.

And your ranking will also be bad on Google, so try to use the keywords minimum.

SEO Friendly Title In White Hat SEO :-

You all will know that Title also has a big role to increase the ranking of any post.

That is why you should make the title SEO friendly for your post.

SEO Friendly Title means that, you also have to keep the keywords in your post’s title,

and the length of the title should be 8-9 words, and it should be 70 characters,

Keep in mind that the focus keyword is on the forefront in Title, Only then will your title be SEO friendly.

Images Optimization :-

Whenever you post your content, you must also add some images to your post, because of this,

your website will also rank on Google images.

But do not use copyrighted images, this can cause problems in your ranking, so always use copyright free images.

These website is the best for copyright free images.

And whenever you add an image to your website, make sure that you also add alt tag along with the image.

And in alt tags, write some words related to your keywords or write your keywords only.

Because the alt tag plays a very big role in the SEO, and you must need to compress the images, before uploading those images in your post,

So that their size will be reduced. And your images will be SEO friendly.

Website Performance In White Hat SEO :-

The performance of websites and pages also plays a big role in White Hat SEO,

Website performance means that your website does not take long time to load.

A website that has good speed, the same site is in the top position in Google,

Because Google does not want visitors to find sites with idle speed at the top of the search engine.

The speed of the website is a big factor of the SEO, you should not keep unwanted images in your site.

And compress the size of the images and upload them and do not install the unwanted plugins.

You can use Google’s tool called Speed Insight to check your website speed and performance.

By using this tool, you can check your website performance,

and you will also know that why is your website performance low and how do you fix it.

Always Follow Search Engine Guidelines :-

If you also a blogger and you also want your website to rank in the top on the search engine of Google,

So you will always have to be updated with the guidelines of Google search engine,

And always follow the guidelines of Google.

Following Google’s guidelines means that you are following White Hat SEO,

and you should keep doing it only then your ranking will be good in search engine.

You can read the guidelines of Google search engine from here.

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