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Mutual Fund | What is Mutual Fund | Why Everyone like Mutual funds

The advantage of investing in a direct plan of Mutual Fund is that you do not have to pay commission to any broker and distributor.

Many people get scared to hear about mutual funds because many people think that mutual funds have a lot of risk. So it is not that in today’s post, I will give you all the information about mutual funds.

What Is Mutual Fund ?

Many small and big investors’ deposit their money in mutual funds and companies reinvest this fund in the market.

Mutual funds are a very good platform for long term and short term investment where you get very good returns on your investment.

Mutual funds are managed by Asset Management Companies (AMC). Each AMC usually has several mutual fund schemes. Mutual funds are a good option for those who do not know much about investing in the stock market.

You can choose the mutual funds scheme according to your financial goals. There are many mutual funds companies in the market and their schemes are also very good in which even small investors can invest easily.

Everyone Like to Invest in Mutual Fund Why ?

Mutual Fund

  • Mutual funds give better returns than Banks

Mutual funds offer better returns compare than banks. Even if you make fixed deposits in banks, you still get only 7-8% interest every year.

But if you invest in a mutual funds, you can get up to 50% interest every year.

Basically any mutual fund company invests in various companies or stock market or elsewhere.

Mutual funds Companies invest investors’ money at many different places. And when the company of the mutual fund will benefit you will also benefit.

  • Withdraw money from mutual fund anytime

You can also make systematic investment plans and one-time investments in mutual funds. You can invest in any mutual fund anytime without any deposit charge.

And whenever you need the money, you can also break your SIP and One time investment from the mutual funds without any withdraw charge.

And it’s very big advantage of mutual funds you can withdraw your money when you want.

  • Minimum Investment Need in a mutual funds

You can invest in mutual funds companies every month according to your savings.Just you have to choose right Mutual Fund Company as per your savings,

Because there are many mutual funds where you can start investing from Rs 100 and Rs 500,

And there are many mutual funds companies where you can start investing even with a minimum investment of Rs 5000 and Rs 10000.

It depends on you which mutual fund company you prefer to choose according to your savings.

How to Invest in Mutual Fund

Investing in Mutual Funds is very easy, for this you do not need to go anywhere; you can make your investment from your phone and also can track the investment.

There are many brokers in the market to invest in mutual funds and many websites and apps are also active, you can invest from any website or app.

But Always keep in mind that you do not have to pay any brokerage charges to invest in mutual funds. Investments and withdrawals all are free.

I would Suggest you to invest from Groww App or Groww Website. Groww apps and websites are also very easy to understand and you can easily invest in both mutual funds and share markets from here.

You can also invest directly from the website of any mutual fund. And you can also go to mutual funds company office with your documents.

If you want, you can also use the service of a Mutual Funds Advisor.

Invest in mutual funds from here

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