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What is Dark Web | Categories of Internet | Unseen Side of Internet

In the Today post I will tell you about the Dark Web and also about the categories of the Internet.

Before I explain the dark web, let me tell you that,

Important Information :- This post does not encourage any reader to use the dark web. This post is written for Education Purpose only.

Because all people should know about these things that all these things are wrong and they can get into trouble by using the dark web.


As You know the Internet has changed everything in our life from the way we work to the way we live.

It seems that there is a corner of the internet for everyone where you can find everything according to your interest.

The Internet has connected us in ways never before thought,

that this is a place where everyone on earth can come together.

Let me know for your information that you will be surprised to know that there is a lot on the internet that you still do not know about,

because all those things are not indexed on Google, either those things are available on the Deep Web and or on the Dark Web.

Three Categories of Internet

Basically the internet divided into a three categories :-

  • Surface Web
  • Deep Web
  • Dark Web

what is dark web

What is Surface Web ?

This is everything that you use on a daily basis like YouTube, Twitter any social media at all.

It’s all a part of what we call the world wide web.

It is relatively easy to find anything on the Surface Web because almost everything is indexed by search engines by Google,

Every second more than 1,000 photos are posted to Instagram.

8,000 tweets are posted on the Twitter, 70,000 Google searches take place nearly 100,000 YouTube videos are watched.

From this the surface web seems massive and in a way it is in terms of pure traffic almost everything you do can be found here.

You can look at anyone and get some sort of information about them and their lives,

but what you can’t find are things like their bank accounts or medical records.

These things are hidden under password-protected websites, where only they can access them.

What is Deep Web ?

The Deep Web refers to the content on the internet that is not indexed by search engines.

Basically if you can’t find it on Google it’s technically on the Deep Web.

If you’ve ever logged into your email you’ve browsed the Deep Web technically,

And I know it might be a little disappointing that the Deep Web is not as cool as it sounds it’s pretty much just as mundane as the surface web,

but with just a bit more secrecy but realize that the Deep Web is the most massive part of the Internet.

The Deep Web contains 96% of everything there is on the Internet.

Google, Yahoo and other search engines only show about 4% of the data available on the Internet.

What is Dark Web ?

The dark web is full of websites and forums and services that we can use,

but it’s hidden under a layer of protection under the surface lies the nest of dark and hidden activities that are blocked off from the rest of the world

The dark web is the haven for illegal online activity and it goes deep much deeper than you might imagine.

This is a place where criminals, drug traffickers and human traffickers are also hidden in plain sight.

Why and How people using Dark Web

It’s also important to understand that pretty much everything we do online is visible, traceable, and possibly being monitored.

Everything except … the areas of the deep web that is masked by the dark web.

The dark web is hidden through a series of layers of identity masking,

which means that you can access and interact with it anonymously without being tracked.

This is accomplished through special encryption software like TOR Browser; an acronym for The Onion Router,

which when installed on your computer appears and acts like your standard Firefox browser, albeit slower.

But instead of routing your connection through a direct line,

TOR routes everything through a series of encrypted computers all over the world,

bouncing around randomly before it reaches its host destination.

This makes the origin of the data and the people searching for it, unknowable.

So while you might actually be in New York,

your search traffic can appear to be coming from random points all over the world, making your location essentially untraceable.

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