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What is a Digital Currency – Learn Everything About Crypto Currencies

Friends, today I will explain you about digital currency, because as you know digital currency is going to be used more in the market in the coming time,

So you should have a good knowledge about Crypto currency, so this article today We will know what crypto currency is. So friends, read this article completely.

What is Digital Currency

A Crypto currency is a currency that is built on a computer algorithm.

It is a completely independent currency in the world that has no owner.

This currency is not under the control of any authority or any government.

Like rupees, dollars, euros and other currencies, this digital currency is not operated by any state, country, institution or government.

It is a digital currency for which cryptography is used.

It can usually be used to purchase products or to purchase a service.

Many people use digital currency only to buy products and services online,

like many people order something from other country then they make payment in digital currency.

You should know that the first Crypto currency started in 2009 was “bitcoin”.

It was built by an engineer named Satoshi Nakamoto from Japan.

Initially it was not so popular, but gradually its rates skyrocketed, which made it a success.

If seen now, from 2009 to the present time there are about 1000 different types of Crypto currencies in the market,

such as Litcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin and many others, which acts as a peer to peer electronic system.

Although there are many Crypto currencies in the market, but the most popular Crypto currency is only bitcoin.

In today’s time, the price of bitcoin is touching the sky and in the coming time, the price of bitcoin is going to increase even more.

Along with Bitcoin, there are many different Crypto currencies making a good hold in the market, like Litecoin, Dogecoin, and Bitcoin Cash and many Others.

In many countries use of Crypto currency is very much, but in many countries people are still afraid to use Crypto currency.

And the government of many countries has also banned Crypto currency.

People are afraid to use Crypto because most illegal works are done through Crypto.

And if you pay anywhere in Crypto currency and you become a victim of fraud,

then you cannot complain about it because bitcoin or Crypto currency is a digital currency.

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