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Use FTP Server on Mobile | Wireless Data Transfer – Mobile to PC Via FTP

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Use FTP Server on Mobile :- Friends, in this post today, I will explain you how you can transfer data from your mobile to PC, without even USB cable, and without any wired connection,

Yes friends, today I’ll explain you how you can use FTP server on mobile,

Using FTP server you can easily transfer any your mobile file to computer, So friends, definitely read this post.

What is FTP Server

Friends, as you may also know, in today’s era of technology, we have many ways, using which we can transfer any file and data from our Android device to our computer in a few seconds.

The most popular method is to transfer data from your Android device to the computer using USB method, Bluetooth and Share-it.

But friends, do you know that, through the FTP you can also transfer data from your mobile to computer and that too in a few seconds,

This method is the most simple and fast way to share any file because using this method,

You can very easily transfer your data from mobile to computer.

Friends, if you do not know what actually is FTP, then today let me tell you FTP is a network protocol,

Using which you can transfer your files and data from one location to another on the Internet.

The Two locations in FTP are known as Client and one is Server.

In fact, those two locations are where our data is stored is a server and the other is where we are accessing the stored data is a client.

And the Client requests to access the files or data from a Server.

Friends, let me tell you one thing that FTP can be used for data transfer between two computers and one mobile and a computer, or a cloud account and a computer.

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Mobile to PC Data transfer Via File Transfer Protocol

Step 1 :- Download (WiFi FTP Server) App on your Android device.

If you want, you can also download another FTP third party app on your device,

But personally I recommend you to download (WiFi FTP Server) App. You can easily find this app on play store.

use ftp server on mobile
Step 1

Step 2 :- Once you install a FTP app on your Android device or mobile, Connect your mobile and computer to the Same WiFi Network, or connect your computer WiFi to your mobile Hotspot,

The network of your computer and Android device should be the same even if you connect your PC WiFi to mobile Hotspot or from any router.

Step 3 :- Open your installed WiFi FTP Server app on your mobile and click start button. And start your FTP services.

start ftp services
Step 3

Step 4 :- Find Server URL and Open Server URL (FTP link) on your Browser.

Once you click the Start button, the WiFi FTP server app will provide you an FTP URL (Server URL).

The URL will be something like (

find ftp link
Step 4

To access files from your browser, enter the FTP URL (Server URL) in the address bar of your browser and press enter.

use ftp server on mobile
Step 4

If you want to upload, copy, move or rename any android file via ftp, you need to open Windows Explorer on your Computer,

And enter the FTP URL (server URL) in the address bar of Windows Explorer, and then click Enter.

open mobile file using window explorer
Step 4

And then all of your Android device or mobile files will now be shown on your Computer.

You can now upload, move, copy or rename the Android device files from your Computer.

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