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The Growth of Cryptocurrency – Should we Invest in Cryptocurrency

Friends, today i will explain you about the growth of Cryptocurrency, friends as you all will know how much importance of cryptocurrency is today.

And how many transactions of cryptocurrency are happening in the market today.

Nowadays, given the amount of cryptocurrency being used in the market, it seems that cryptocurrency has grow very well in the market.

So friends, as I told you above, in today’s article, we will only talk about the growth of cryptocurrency.

And I will tell you how much growth the cryptocurrency has done and what is the reason behind its growth, so friends read the article completely.

How is the growth of cryptocurrency?

Friends, if we look at digital currencies in today’s market, then it is being used very much, even if it is for any purpose.

Friends, if we talk about cryptocurrency today or look at the value of cryptocurrencies earlier and now,

Then you will know that how much cryptocurrency has grown,

When the cryptocurrency came in the beginning, people did not have much knowledge about it.

But if we talk about today’s time, then cryptocurrency transactions take place in trillions every day.

And today, more than thousands of cryptocurrencies have come in the market,

It seems that in the coming time, the use of physical money will stop, and only digital currencies will be used.

If you want to find out the growth of any cryptocurrency, then you can check the statistics of that currency.

You will know how much that currency has grown since starting.

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If we talk about the growth of cryptocurrency, then investing in it is a very profitable deal.

Today there are about 1000 types of cryptocurrency in the market, and the price of all these coins was negligible at the time of launching.

However, in a few years, their price has also reached 1000 dollars. Now take Bitcoin only.

When Bitcoin was launched, there was a daily transaction of $ 10 million worldwide, but today, Bitcoin is being transacted for $ 1 trillion in a week,

whereas a week-round transaction of physical currency is around 70 trillion dollar worldwide.

Bitcoin, which started at a price of 1 dollar, has reached a price of $ 1200 today.

Therefore, you can yourself guess what the growth of cryptocurrency can be in the future.

Why did Cryptocurrency grow very fast

The biggest reason for cryptocurrency to grow is that we cannot track cryptocurrency transactions.

Because as you also know, not any state, agencies and government has control over cryptocurrency,

And no bank has a role in cryptocurrency transactions. This is why cryptocurrency has grown so fast.

Most people use cryptocurrency to hide their black money,

Because when you made a transaction in cryptocurrency, not any government can track it,

Many people take their illegal work payments in cryptocurrency only,

So that no one can catch them, this is also the reason why cryptocurrency has grown very fast.

Although digital currencies are still not widely used in many countries, Because the government of many countries has banned cryptocurrency.

And many people are also afraid of using digital currency, many people do not want to be victim of any fraud.

As you may be aware that many people commit fraud by doing cryptocurrency transactions.

Cryptocurrency is being used very well in many countries,

And you can now use credit cards for digital currency transactions.And you can do cryptocurrency mining if you want.

And you can make very good money by mining and trading with cryptocurrency.

Whatever the reason, but cryptocurrency has grown very well and digital currency is going to be used in the coming times.

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