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Minimum Investment in Mutual Funds – SIP Investment Starts at Rs 100

Friends, if you also want to invest in Mutual Fund and you also want to know how much minimum money we need to invest in Mutual Funds. Means Minimum Investment in Mutual Funds.

So friends, in this article today, I will tell you how you can start investing in Mutual Fund with a minimum amount of money.

Understand The Mutual Funds

In mutual funds, the money of many big and small investors accumulates at one place and the  companies invest this fund again in the market.

Mutual funds are a very good platform for long term and short term investments where you get very good returns on your investment.

In today’s time, every person wants to keep his money in a place where he gets good returns.

And if needed, money can also be withdrawn immediately. also, every person wants to secure his future as well.

As you know that after depositing money in the bank you do not get very good returns of the year.

And in today’s time, even the bank is not safe, sometimes your money drowned, you must have seen many such examples before. Nobody knows what happens when.

And at the same, mutual funds give you daily returns and there are many mutual funds that give you up to 50%returns of the year.

For this reason, many people invest in mutual funds.

You do not need millions of rupees to invest in mutual funds, you can invest in mutual funds every month even with a minimum amount.

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How Much Money we need to start investment in Mutual Funds

Minimum Investment in Mutual Funds

Friends, as I told you above, you can invest in mutual funds with very less money.

Yes, you can also invest in Mutual Funds with only 100 Rs and you can also invest monthly SIP or one time.

There are many mutual funds where you can start an investment with 500 Rs, even if you want to invest at the one time investment or SIP.

You do not have to pay any commission fee for depositing and withdrawing your money in mutual funds, so you can deposit money whenever you want and withdraw money whenever you want.

You will also see many mutual funds in which you can invest monthly from 1000 Rs to 10000 Rs.

But if you do not have much money, you can also take Mutual Funds with 100 Rs and 500 Rs. Which can give you very good returns.

I will suggest you if you want to invest with less money then you can invest in SIP whether 100Rs monthly or 500 Rs monthly.

Many big and good Mutual Funds gives you the opportunity to invest with less money like Aditya Birla , Reliance, Nippon, ICICI and many more..

You can invest in mutual funds from Groww website, here you can open your mutual fund account for free. and you can start your investment.

I will recommend you to invest in Mutual Funds on the Groww website because this website is easy to understand and you can easily invest in any mutual fund using this website or app.

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