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How to Withdraw Mutual Fund – SIP and One time Investment Withdrawal

Friends, as you know, we can invest money with mutual funds very easily. and if you do not know how to withdraw your investment from the mutual fund,

Then I will explain you today how you can withdraw your invested funds anytime in a very simple way.

You have a lot of options for withdrawing investment from mutual fund.

So friends, in this post of today I will explain you all the process of withdrawal, you must read this post completely

Mutual Fund Redemption

Mutual fund redemption is the process where an investor wants to sell an investment unit made in a particular fund.

Sometimes, for personal reasons or by estimating the fund’s good performance,

The idea of ​​the investor keeping the funds locked over time may be wrong.

An investor can also change the fund to change his investment.

Just as it is easy to start a mutual fund, similarly redeeming a mutual fund is even easier.

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We have to pay fees for Withdrawing Money from Mutual Funds

As you will also know that different mutual funds have different rules and schemes regarding both investing and withdrawing money in mutual funds.

There are some mutual fund schemes in which you do not have to pay any fees when you withdraw investment at any time,

But there are some mutual fund schemes where the condition is that if you withdraw investment from mutual funds before your fixed time. then you will have to pay some charges.

Therefore, whenever you invest your money in a mutual fund, you must first read all its schemes and conditions, then only invest in it

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How to Withdraw Invested Money From Mutual Fund

  • Through AMC you can withdraw your investment from the mutual fund.

If your purchase has been made directly through a Asset Management Company, you will have an ID and password to log in to the portal.

After logging in to the portal, the investor can buy the unit online and can easily redeem any existing fund unit.

You can redeem all units of your plan (if they are not locked-in) or you can redeem some of them.

But If you redeem all the units, your account gets closed,

But if you redeem only a few units, the remaining units will remain and work accordingly.

You can also go to direct AMC and submit a form to redeem your funds.

After the request is processed, the redemption amount will be transferred to the investor through online or check.

  • You can also withdraw your investment through an Agent

If your investment is done through an agent, you can also make redemption through the agent.

In this process, the mutual fund redemption form will have to be filled in which the name of the scheme, folio number as well as the number of units you want to sell.

The agent then submits the form to the office.

Once the redemption process starts, the redemption amount is transferred through by a check at the customer’s address.

  • You can also withdraw your investment through the online portal.

You can also buy mutual funds through online fund house partner portals like Paisabazaar, Groww, Paytm mutual fund and etc..

These partner portals also provide you with the facility of redemption request.

This process is quite simple. For this, all of you have a login ID and password.

Which you have to make at the time of investing money. You can redeem your mutual fund the same way you bought the unit.

After you confirm, the redemption request is processed and the funds will be directly transferred to the linked bank account.

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