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How To Invest In Digital Gold Through Groww App or Website in 2021

Friends, in today’s article, we will talk about Digital Gold investment through Groww app, how you can invest in Digital gold using the Groww app or website, and what are its benefits and more things related to gold investment, we will know in this article.

Gold Investment Always Beneficial

Friends, as you all know how much investment is necessary in today’s time, but in today’s time, depending on the market situation, investing is very risky, but as you also know that investing in gold is always a safe investment, and has always been beneficial.

Earlier people used to buy physical gold and invest in gold, this method was good for investing in gold, because whenever gold is needed, we could also wear gold and when it is felt that the price of gold is high and if We needed money, it could be sold, and made a profit, but people also faced many problems in such investments, such as keeping gold in a safe place.

People were also afraid of stealing gold, and we had to buy physical gold in grams. For example, if you have 10 rupees and you want to buy 10 rupees gold, then you cannot buy physical gold.

But ever since digital gold has come, investing in gold has become even easier and faster. Now you can buy as much digital gold as you want in the live market, whether it is 10 rupees or 10 lakhs.

Friends, as you have seen, the market value of gold has been increasing day by day and will continue to grow.

So that’s why investing in gold is very good, you can invest in it for a long term, and you can also earn a very good profit in the coming times.

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What is Digital Gold?

Digital Gold is Gold, but you cannot see Digital Gold, it will only be visible only in numbers. For example if you have purchased 10g gold digitally, then you cannot touch it and also cannot see it.

Just in front of you, your wallet will show you the number of grams of gold you have. That gold will remain in your digital wallet and if you want, you can sell it online in the live market anytime, you can also sell that gold together if you want.

But it is not necessary that you have to sell all the gold together. You can sell gold online according to yourself and market situation and live market price, which is not possible in physical gold, and if you want, you can also get digital gold converted into coins.

Digital gold is the best way to invest, in which you do not face any problem nor do you have to worry about your gold safety.

Just like your money is deposited in the bank, similarly your gold is also deposited in the wallet, as long as you want.

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Where and how can we buy 10 Rupees Digital gold?

By the way, to invest in digital gold, there are many websites and apps in the market from where you can buy gold according to your budget.

But today I will tell you about one such best Groww website or app from where you can buy and sell gold, looking at the live market. And that too without any charge and without any fees.

Friends, you must have heard about the Groww website and app, which is a best platform to invest in the mutual fund and stock market.

You can now invest in digital gold by using Groww app or website, you only have to register yourself in the groww website and app. and after that you need to complete your KYC by yourself.

And when your account is created KYC is completed, you can easily invest in the Mutual Fund, Stock Market, Gold as well as the US stock market.

To invest in Digital Gold, as I told you, first of all you have to create groww account and complete your account KYC. And after that you will be able to invest in gold, KYC Process is very easy you can easily do it yourself.

You do not need any big amount to invest in digital gold, here you can invest with minimum 10Rs. And the maximum you can invest as you want and whenever you want you can buy and sell gold as well.

invest in digital gold through groww app


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Benefits of investing in Gold from Groww website or app

You can invest in digital gold through Groww app without any fees and charges. And you do not have to pay any AMC charge here as well as opening an account in the Grow app is absolutely free.

One of the best advantage of groww app is you can invest not only in gold but also in mutual funds, share markets as well as stocks from the Groww app.

You do not have to pay any charges and fees for investing in mutual funds and gold. But if you invest in the stock market, then you have to pay the AMC charge for every 3 month, Share delivery charges.

These charges are not very much if you invest in the stock market regularly then only you will have to pay this charges. If you want to check charges, you can check from here.

In the Grow app, a Demat account is also open for free; you can invest in many platforms by using a one app and website. And that too for free without any charges.

You can sell and Purchase your Gold anytime and anywhere and any amount of gold you can purchase through this website or app.


Friends, investment is very important in today’s time and finding a safe platform for investment is very important.

But although there are many websites and apps available on the Internet, you should only invest through a best and safe app.

Which is according to my experience, Groww is the best and safe investment platform, and you can invest in different platforms from this website and app.

And this app does not even take any charge from you, and the safest platform is groww for the best investment.

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