You are currently viewing Happy Republic Day Free Wishing Script Download 2022 – Viral Script

Happy Republic Day Free Wishing Script Download 2022 – Viral Script

Hello, today I am going to provide you free Happy Republic Day 2022 wishing script, Friends, you can download this script to create your own special wishing website and you can make a lot of money from that website.

Republic Day 2022 Free Wishing Script

As you all know Wishing website is a very good option for generate extra income from websites at the time of the festivals. Just you need to create your own wishing website in blogger or word-press, it’s your choice where you want to create your wishing website, if you already have a domain and hosting so i recommend you to upload this script in your word-press and if you don’t have a hosting or domain so you can use blogger to create free wishing website.

But friends i recommend you to create wishing website  2-3 month before that festival.

You can create a any festival wishing website very easily. Now I have provided you the Happy Republic Day 2022 wishing script below. but if you want more festival wishing script for free, so you can search it in our website. I have provided all festivals wishing script in my website, I’ll  provide you link below.

You can download that republic day free script by clicking on the download button and make your own special Happy Republic Day 2022 wishing website very easily. just you have to follow simple steps, first of all you to download wishing script, from our link given below and then you have to do some changes these changes is mention below.

Friends, as you all know this script is absolutely free, and if you want, you can download this script and make some changes in it according to your needs.

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After download this Script Do Some important Changes and these changes are:-

  • Website Title
  • Year (2022)
  • Google Analytics code
  • Google Ad-sense or alternative ads
  • Your website link

Friends don’t worry, I already mentioned in the script where you need to make these some changes, just you have to open this script once in notepad++ and then edit it.

Happy Republic Day 2022 Free wishing Script Features :

You can add Affiliate network ads and also Google Ad-sense ads as well as alternative ads like info-link.

Friends, you can use this script in WordPress and Blogger also. Use this script in blogger and very easy, I explained you below how to use this script in word-press or blogger.

Friends, we have also added Happy Republic Day music in this wishing script, whenever someone opens your website, they can also hear music.

How to Use This Script in Word-Press?

First of all you need a domain and hosting account and then login to your hosting account and go to C-panel.

Then go to the file manager of your hosting and open the Public.html folder and create a folder there.

After that Rename your folder and give a name same as your URL, and whatever URL you want to keep.

Then upload the wishing script given by us inside that folder, but remember that you have to rename the script and rename the script to index.html.

And then you can see whatever URL you kept, and you can see that your website will be ready.

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How To Use This Script in Blogger?

Friends To upload this script on blogger, you have to login on blogger, And then go to theme option and paste this script.

After that, click the arrow on the side of the Edit Html, and then click on Change Navbar, By default there will be blue set, you have to turn it off and save it, and now your wishing website is ready.

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