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Groww Sending Goodies to their Users – Why We didn’t Receive Goodies

Friends, in this article today, we will talk about the Goodies given or sending by the Groww website and the app to their users.

Friends, as you all must know, every company keeps doing something continuously to increase its sales or to promote itself.

So distribution of Goodies to the users is also a part of the promotion.

Why Groww send Goodies to their users?

Friends, as you all know that by using the Groww website, we can invest in mutual funds, share markets, gold and stocks,

And the Groww Company to connect with its users and to promote itself from time to time and distribute or sending T-shirts as Goodies to their users.

Many of you users who are users from the Groww must have received mail from Groww related to goodies at some time. And many of you must also have received the Goodies given by the Groww.

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We didn’t receive goodies from Groww why?

But at the same time some people say that why they did not get any mail related to Goodies from Groww,

So friends, let me tell you that Groww is giving Goodies only its old and best users, or to say, The Groww Company is only giving some goodies to some limited users.

Like if you are a user from the start of the Groww Company, so you must have got goodies from the Groww,

But the new users, they have not received any such kind of mail yet. And also they have not received any kind of goodies from Groww.

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When and how Groww send their goodies

Friends, so far, the Groww has distributed goodies to its users two time, once the company has distribute goodies to those who are connected with the Groww from the start day of the company.

And once the Groww has distributed goodies to them who come with the start of stock market trading on the Groww.

And let me tell you that you do not have to fill any form by going to any website by yourself to get goodies from the Groww.

Whenever the Groww wants to give you goodies, it will personally send you a mail and will ask you your address and t-shirt size.

Groww gives you goodies from time to time to maintain connections with their users and promote them for investment, So that the Groww has a Good connection with its users.

Friends, the purpose of writing this article is not for promoting groww website.

The purpose of writing this article is that you should not get caught in a fake website to get free goodies; otherwise you will fall prey to some scam.

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