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Find WiFi Password on Computer – How to Find Wireless Password

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Friends, in this article today, I will tell you how you can find out the password of connected WiFi in your computer and laptop.

If you also want to know this method, then you must read this article completely and learn this method because this method can be very useful for you.

Why Do We Need To Find WiFi Password On Computer

By the way, when we know the password of WiFi, only then we will be able to connect WiFi to our computer or laptop.

But sometimes we forget the password after connect WiFi in our computer.

Or if we have connected another person’s WiFi to our computer or laptop and while connecting the WiFi the other person (WiFi Owner) has manually entered that password into our laptop or computer,

So now how will we know that password that’s why you need to know the method of finding the password of WiFi,

Sometimes we can also know the password of connected WiFi in someone else’s laptop with this trick.

If the person in front does not want to give us his password or he is making an excuse not to give the password.

Using our method you can easily find his password from that person’s laptop in a few seconds.

Way To Find Wireless Password On Your Desktop Or Laptop

  • Step 1 :- First open the control panel in your computer.
find wifi password
Step 1

  • Step 2 :- Then find and click (network and internet option).
find wifi password on computer
Step 2

  • Step 3 :- Then find and click (view network and status and task).
find wifi password on computer
Step 3

  • Step 4 :- Then find and click connections (wireless network connection).
wireless network connection
Step 4

  • Step 5 :- Then click wireless properties.
wireless properties
Step 5

  • Step 6 :-  Then go to security tab.
security tab open
Step 6

  • Step 7 :- Here you can see your network security key.
network security key
Step 7

  • Step 8 :- Click show character option and see WiFi or wireless password. Now you successfully found WiFi password.
show character and see pass
Step 8

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