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Domain Transfer from BigRock to GoDaddy – Steps to Transfer Domain

Friends, if you are also a blogger and your domain name is also on BigRock, which used to be a very popular registrar some time ago, but today GoDaddy is on the top and very popular domain registrar.

As you all know the domain renewal cost on BigRock is also very high and for this reason now you and many peoples want to transfer their domain name from BigRock to GoDaddy.

Although transferring a domain name is very easy, but it is also a bit tricky, that’s why many people want to know the complete process before transferring a domain, which I will tell you in this post today. You can transfer your domain from BigRock to GoDaddy in some seconds by following the steps mentioned below.

Friends, I have many domain names on GoDaddy and some are also on BigRock but as I mentioned above, the renewal cost on BigRock is little bit high, and we also get very less features on BigRock, and that’s why in today’s time people prefer to go with GoDaddy instead of BigRock and personally I prefer GoDaddy in terms of domain registrar. And that’s the reason my some domains are registered on GoDaddy since last 5 years.

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How To Transfer Domain Name From BigRock To GoDaddy

Friends, first of all, let me tell you one thing is that GoDaddy charges 399 Rs for .com and 499 Rs for .in domain name transfer. And Both services include a one-year extension.

One more very important Thing is That, The domain name you are planning to transfer from BigRock to GoDaddy must be at least 60 days old. If your domain name is not 60 days old then you will not get the option of domain transfer.

Steps to Transfer domain From BigRock to Godaddy

  • First of all login to your BigRock Account. And click on your Domain Name.

Select Domain on Bigrock

  • Then Disable the Privacy Protection if it’s on, as well as disable the Theft protection.

How to Unlock Domain in Bigrock before Transfer

  • Then Go to Domain Secret option and Copy the Security Code. Always Remember, this is the domain transfer security code. So always beware of sharing this code with anyone.

Disable Registrar lock on Bigrock

  • So Now, you have done all important things on BigRock account.

  • Let’s go to GoDaddy website or Create and login your Account on GoDaddy.
  • Then Click on the Menu button.

Domain Transfer from BigRock to GoDaddy

  • Go to Domain Transfer option under the Domain Services option.

Move Domain From Bigrock to Godaddy

  • Then to check the domain availability. Enter the domain name that you want to transfer from BigRock to GoDaddy account.
  • Now, Enter the Security Code under Get Authorization Code option and click on Continue.
  • After that you will get an option to make payment, After Successful Payment your domain will be transferred within 5-6 days.

You will be notified via email when your domain transfer is successful. If you Face any Trouble while Transferring your Domain from BigRock to GoDaddy then Drop a Comment below, I’ll Definitely Help you.

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