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Does India Need Entrepreneurs? In 2020 – Entrepreneurship

(Does India need Entrepreneurs ?) Yes Entrepreneurship is very much needed for India to move forward because only a great entrepreneur can change the way people live and work and create more jobs in society. And contributes to the development of the country’s economy.

Does India need entrepreneurs or India needs more entrepreneurs, this question is very much discussed nowadays, as you all know that our governance is very much focused on Startup India and it is very much for us and our country it’s a good thing.

India Wants to Become a VISHWA GURU

India ranks second in the world in terms of population , and we are still far behind in the startups. The population of India is so much that it is not possible for everyone to get a job and India has to become the VISHWA GURU once again in the future, That’s Why India Need more Entrepreneurs in every field to become VISHWA GURU.

To Reduce Unemployment (India Need Entrepreneurs)

Today unemployment is a major problem of India, people are educated in India, and there is no shortage of talent within the people, but unemployment is very high.

The reason for this is that people here want to become job seekers, fewer people want to become entrepreneurs, today youth entrepreneurship is growing in our country and young people are showing interest in becoming entrepreneurs, but it is still very less.

when entrepreneurs grow in every field in our country, we will not have to depend on other countries for anything. And this will only happen when the every thing will be made in India and when everything starts to be made in India, then we will export more and more to other countries. Which will strengthen our country’s economy, will increase employment in our country

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Does India need Entrepreneurs

Innovation makes Life Easier (India Need Entrepreneurs)

If we have to move forward, we need innovations to grow, innovations are very important for any country and innovation is very important for the entrepreneurs as well.

If all the entrepreneurs of India will imitate other big entrepreneurs, then it is very easy that everyone will do it, then how India will move forward, the entrepreneurs of India will have to do something new.

Like OYO founder Ritesh Aggarwal And the founder of Zomato Mohit Gupta, who has made some innovations.They didn’t imitate.

Because you all know that innovation only make life easier, in the past, innovation was less, then life was also much harder. And today innovations are happening in every field, so life is also becoming very easy for us. India’s entrepreneur will have to focus more on innovation rather than imitative

To Enter the International Market

However, in recent times, we have seen a growth of entrepreneurs in the country due to the boom of innovative ideas. Companies like OYO Rooms, Foodpanda, Zomato have also succeeded in international markets.

When the entrepreneurs of our country bring new ideas and do business, they will enter the international market with our country. And only then we will be able to strengthen our hold in international markets, this will benefit our country.

Great competition in the market

More entrepreneurs means that there will always be competition among the entrepreneurs in the country. And every entrepreneur will think and do something new,

because if there are more companies in the market then the advantage will be that no single company will have a monopoly on the market, it will encourage new companies to come into the market,

and then new companies will comes up with new ideas And when there is good competition in the market, then the prices of things in the market will also be low and profit will also be safe.

For example, Amazon had a monopoly in the market until large companies like Flipkart and Alibaba were in the market, other companies gave more options to customers and good competition started in the market.

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