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Buy and Sell Bitcoin in India – Within 5 Min Buy and Sell Bitcoin in India

Buy and Sell Bitcoin in India :- Friends, since Bitcoin has come, its price is increasing, when Bitcoin came new in market, people did not pay much attention to it.

Because before that no such thing as bitcoin came in the market and at that time the price of bitcoin was very low.

But sometime later, the market value of bitcoin increased and you also know today its value is touching the sky.

Those who initially bought some bitcoins will be rich today because the initial price of bitcoin was less than one dollar.

And today the value of bitcoin has gone above nine thousand dollars, so you can imagine how much bitcoin value has grown.

But there are still many countries where people do not know much about bitcoin, the government of many countries has not considered bitcoin transactions as legal.

India is also one of the same countries, although there are no restrictions on the transactions of bitcoins in India, but the people of India do not know much about bitcoin.

That’s why many people are scared to hear bitcoin’s name and are afraid to use it, and also they do not know to how to buy and sell bitcoin in India online,

Friends, in this article today, I will tell you how and where you can buy and sell bitcoins.

What is Bitcoin

Bitcoin is a currency that neither you can see nor you can touch bitcoin, it is a digital and virtual currency.

Which you can store in a wallet on the Internet and can also use it if needed,

Bitcoin is also a kind of money like dollar, rupees, and euros and etc. But these all are physical currency, you can take them in hand and also see them, but this is not the case with bitcoin.

As you also know bitcoin is a digital currency, and its price always decreases and increases,

Bitcoin is a decentralized currency, on which the government of any country and any institution has no right to control.

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How to Buy and Sell Bitcoin in India

Friends, if you also live in India and want to buy bitcoin, or invest bitcoin somewhere, or store bitcoin, so first you have to buy bitcoin.

Buying bitcoins is very easy, you can buy and sell bitcoins by creating a bitcoin wallet on the internet and you can also store,

But let me tell you one thing here that there are many wallets that does not support in some countries, ie they do not provide their services in some countries.

Or some wallets are for storing bitcoins only, using those wallets you can store only bitcoins,

But today I will tell you some bitcoin wallets that are made all over the world and also in India, you can buy and sell bitcoins using those wallets and also store bitcoins in that wallet.

Friends, to buy and sell bitcoins, you have to use a website or a mobile app, there are 3 very popular websites and apps in India, through which you can buy and sell bitcoins.

You can buy and sell bitcoins in India using these websites,,,, and that’s too very easily. you can also pay with your credit card and PayPal to buy bitcoins.

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Documents Required to Open Bitcoin Wallet and to Buy and Sell Bitcoins

Friends, if you also want to buy and sell bitcoins, you will need a bitcoin wallet. The 3 top well-known wallets that I mentioned to you above,

But after creating an account in these websites and apps, you need to complete your account KYC done, which you can do at home, just by uploading your documents in that website and app,

You need all these documents mandatory for complete your account KYC and buy and sell bitcoin online :-

  • Voter id
  • Pan Card
  • Aadhar Card
  • Mobile no.
  • Bank account.

Without all these documents you cannot buy and sell bitcoins, you will need to provide a government verified document for identity verification and getting your KYC done, and only then you can buy and sell bitcoins in India or all around world.

How to Sell Bitcoin in India

Friends, you do not need to go anywhere to sell bitcoin, from where you bought bitcoin. Just like if you buy bitcoins from the above mentioned wallets and website, In these websites you will get the option to buy as well as sell. Then in the same way, you have to sell bitcoins and after selling, You can withdraw that money in your bank account.

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