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Black Hat SEO | What is Black Hat SEO | Black Hat SEO Techniques in Search Engine Optimization

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Hello guys in this article today, I am going to talk to you about black hat SEO.

If you do not know what black hat SEO is, then it is still a thing that is still out there.

This is one way that people basically try to target your website and take down your website as negative SEO which is a type of black hat SEO,

And it’s also this concept of getting ranked or doing things in Google that are against their guidelines so black hat SEO is anything that violates search engines Terms of Service.

What is Black Hat SEO ?

Black Hat SEO is used to get top rank in Search Engine Results.

This is against Google Search Engine guidelines and leads your site towards Penalty.

Black Hat SEO can give immediate results in your website ranking, but over time, it also has the opposite effect,

your website ranking may be low and your site can be completely blacklisted from search engine results.

And then your website will never be able to rank in search engine results.

Bad SEO techniques can damage your ranking instead of improving your website ranking.

So I never recommend you to use Bad SEO Technique, and if you use this technique then stop using it or else you can get a penalty from Google.

You will not have to pay anything in penalty, but your website will be blacklisted by Google Search Engine.

Therefore, never use this technique.

In this article, I am giving you this information only for knowledge purpose.

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Black Hat SEO Techniques



As I have already told you above, Black Hat SEO is against the search engine Guidelines and it gets top ranking for some time.

But your site can be completely removed from search engine results over time.

Below I have mentioned some Bad SEO Techniques that can harm your Google Ranking.

But one thing you should always keep in mind is that you do not have to use these Bad SEO techniques at all.

Article Spinning :-

Many times you copy the content of a post from Google and spin it with the help of an article generator. it’s a Black hat SEO Technique.

Basically, the article generator replaces some words in the article with their opposite words or phrase words to make the article unique.

But now Google understands this Black hat Technique, and if you are using this Technique, So stop using it, write your articles by yourself and post them.

Keywords Stuffing :-

In this, the user intentionally uses some specific keywords in several places of the article, the only purpose of the user is to rank the post somehow.

In posts like this, repeated keyword stuffing also spoils the user experience and users don’t likes to visit our website again.

It is also a black hat SEO technique, if you use keywords repeatedly without any reason. Then you stop using it. And use keywords only in a specific place.

Paid Links :-

The search engine does not like sites that buy and sell links.

Apart from this, it also does not like the site of link exchanges for example- (“You link me, I will link you”).

Also, do not use automated programs or services to create links on your site.

This breaks Google’s Guidelines. You can read Google’s Webmaster Guidelines to know this in detail.

Spam Comments :-

As you all know, comments help in making backlinks. Many bloggers or website owners use it as a spam method to create backlinks.

You might as well have used it, posting a hidden link through a comment in someone else’s post is comment spamming,

currently, it is one of the most popular Bad SEO Techniques. And everyone is using this technique to make backlinks.

You must have seen spam comments. These are Automated comments, which often contain keywords and spam links.

If you are using spam commenting to create backlinks, then you are on the way to black hat SEO,

And I do not recommend you for this, do not do it at all.

Duplicate Content :-

Friends, as you also know that there are many new bloggers who copy-paste other popular content.

And they think that by doing so, their post will also get ranked on Google quickly.

But they are absolutely wrong – you should always keep in mind that this strategy belong from black hat SEO.

The “copy-paste” content matches each other or looks very similar.

As a result, such content does not rank among SERPs. Search engines for example – Google, yahoo like only unique contents.

You can take ideas from another bloggers content but never do copy paste work. i’ll not recommend you for this, it’s a Bad SEO Technique.

Invisible Text and Links :-

Invisible texts means to write the keywords in the content or website in such a way that it gets highlighted with the background color of the site.

Or reduce the size of the keywords. This hidden text is not visible to visitors, but search engine crawlers can easily view and index them.

Until a few years ago, it was very easy to rank in search engines using this technique.

But now the algorithm of Google search engine has become much smarter than before.

And this technique now refers to the black hat SEO strategy. Therefore, do not use this technique in your posts.

Should We Use Black Hat SEO

If we talk about today’s time, Google’s algorithm has become very smart.

And Google gets to know which website is using Black Hat SEO, which means which website is violating Google’s terms,

And those websites can be blacklisted by Google Search Engine and that website can be Cannot come in the ranking again.

We should never use Bad SEO techniques to rank our website, so that our site will face a Penalty from Google in the future.

In this article I have given you information about Black Hat SEO for the purpose of knowledge only,

I would never recommend you to use wrong method to rank a website on Google.

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