You are currently viewing All Festivals Wishing script Free Download | WhatsApp Viral script 2021

All Festivals Wishing script Free Download | WhatsApp Viral script 2021

All Festivals Wishing script free download:- As you all know that whenever a festival comes, many people share the wishing message among themselves and many people also use the wishing script created by us.

Nowadays we know that everybody is using Whatsapp Facebook or many other social media platforms.

These HTML wishing scripts are used for Facebook, WhatsApp and other social media users so that bloggers can make money from social media users as well.

All Festivals Wishing Script Download for Free

Friends, as you all know that Wishing scripts become quite viral during festivals.

And the person who creates a wishing script, they earn a lot from those wishing scripts, whether from affiliate marketing or ads from Google Ad-sense.

So friends, if you also want to make a wishing script and earn money, then you have come to the right place,

Today I will provide you all the scripts of all the festivals, which I will give to all of you for free.

You can use those wishing scripts anywhere and anytime.

But one thing I should tell you is that if you want to create a wishing script, use Blogger itself, because Blogger is the best for wishing scripts.

If AdSense on your Blogger is not approved, you can use AdSense Alternatives. Or you can use affiliate marketing in your script.

After downloading the wishing script, you will have to make some changes in the wishing script.

I will tell you below what changes you have to make.

Friends, remember one thing and i should tell you all, that this script is free, so do not try to sell these scripts.

Because we have created this script for all those people who want to make their own wishing scripts and want to earn money.

It is also very easy to use these wishing scripts.

All Festivals Free Wishing Script for download :-

Happy New Year 2021 Script – Click Here to download

Happy Independence Day ScriptClick Here to download

Holi ScriptClick here to download

Happy Krishna Janmashtami Script Click here to download

Happy Ram Navami ScriptClick here to download

Upload Wishing Script to blogger

If you do not know how to upload a wishing scripts to Blogger, So you must also watch the video given below you will understand everything very well.

And one more thing, let me tell you that 2-3 months before any festival, you can upload the wishing scripts in your blogger.

And share as much as possible on your social media platforms so that it can go viral and you can earn well.

Some Changes that you need to do in the script

After download this script you need to do some changes in this scripts. That changes is like this :-

  • Title
  • Year
  • Google analytics Code
  • Google AdSense Ads
  • Your Website Link

I Already mentioned in the script where you need to make these changes, you have to open the script once in Notepad ++ and then check it. This will tell you what to change.

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